Carel’s Latest Addition to the Electric Resistive Humidifier Lineup

The new heaterSteam range employs the features of the latest generation of Carel’s electronic controllers and uses Titanium heaters, thus representing a continuity solution in the development of heater humidifiers.

heaterSteam is the ideal solution for applications needing superior performance for controlling air humidity very accurately (±l%RH), mission critical service continuity using all types of feed water and ensuring connectivity tools able to anticipate remote management requirements.







The heating elements are made in titanium, designed to work with extreme aggressive water such as demineralized/deionized water with conductivity below 1 IJS/cm and softened water of up to 0° fH.

The reliability of the titanium in combination with the overheating protection (heaterSteam is the only humidifier on the market with heaters featuring temperature sensors) makes Carel solution ideal for applications where service continuity is essential such clean rooms, hospitals and museums.

In particular, it can work with treated water of any quality, including ultra-pure demineralized water, since titanium heating elements are not at risk of corrosion. This type of water, purified to an extreme, is used frequently in the pharmaceutical field and, due to its organoleptic characteristics, can be aggressive towards the materials normally used inside humidifiers.

The over temperature protection (unique to the market) and patented Anti-Foaming System are a further guarantee of the application’s reliability, whereas the modulating limit sensor prevents condensation from forming without compromising the accuracy of the system.


heaterSteam titanium is the solution to relative air humidity control accuracy requirements. By using demineralized water Carel’s heater humidifier can meet humidity requirements with ±1% accuracy.

The production capacity modulation range from 0 to 100% in combination with the possibility of pre-heating the water inside the boiler means that heaterSteam is ready to respond to humidity requirements.


Another element that sets heaterSteam apart from the competitors is undoubtedly the state-of-the-art electronic controller. The Modbus and Bacnet communication protocols are available as standard on both the BMS serial output and Ethernet. The Carel communication protocol is available only through the BMS output. No additional electronic boards are therefore required.

The Ethernet connection can also be used to access the integrated web server on the local network. It is therefore possible to configure and monitor the units directly from a PC using a standard web browser.

heaterSteam is also tERA ready. Enabling the service via Ethernet connection permits remote monitoring and interaction with the unit.


heaterSteam process is the ideal solution for applications where reliability and flexible operation need to be combined with feed water characteristics that are not always controlled.


Thanks to the Master/Slave “Endurance” function, the capacity of the humidifiers installed can be expanded without complicating the system. The “Endurance “function allows heaterSteam to control up to 19 further units via Ethernet.


The electronic controller exploits the mechanical characteristics of the heaters to perform thermal shock cycles in complete safety in order to remove any lime scale deposits from the heating elements. This results in longer routine maintenance intervals and greater cleanliness of the unit.


For installations where it is not possible to use standard wired sensors, when modifying existing installations for example, wireless sensors can be used. The connection is made via Carel Access Point using a maximum of 4 wireless sensors. The installation type is indicated in the figure below (in the case of 4 wireless room sensors)

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