Microf’s Lease Purchase Program

If financing was not available 26% of homeowners would go to a similar business that does offer financing. Microf provides competitive and convenient rent-to-own solutions with instant approval decisions. While traditional credit score based options only approve ~75% of all applications, Microf & TEC contractors provide a 94% approval rate & 59% close rate.

Program Features:

  • Microf is exclusive to TEC dealers
  • Microf offers lease purchase solutions with minimum financial requirements needed for approval (unlike traditional lenders with rigid credit based scoring models).
  • Microf is able to say “Yes” where traditional credit based options have to tell your customer “No.”
  • Microf provides a way for you to help that customer in need and add incremental sales for your business
  • Microf offers flexible and affordable payment arrangements to consumers with multiple discount opportunities
  • TEC has covered the program costs of Microf to provide it to dealers at no cost

For more information contact your TM or TEC representative.

Learn even more about Microf Financing through their webinar series. Webinars will be held every Tuesday 3 pm CST and Thursday at 9 am CST with a Microf representative. Email marketing@microf.com for more information.


Carrier & Bryant Service Technician App

Solving challenging HVAC/R problems is your job. Helping you get the right parts, supplies and equipment you need is ours. Whether it is for warranty repairs for Carrier and Bryant equipment or for non-warranty repairs on any make or brand of equipment, the Carrier & Bryant Service Technician Apps can help identify the right part.

Key Features:

  • Search by scanning serial bar code, entering serial number or entering model number
  • Quickly locate parts list for equipment
  • View relevant technical literature for equipment
  • Lookup warranty entitlement and service history based on serial number
  • Locate the nearest Parts Sales Center and get directions
  • Selection and Cross-reference tool for Totaline parts
  • Ability to create jobs and add parts to jobs so that the order can then be emailed

With all these great new features now included in the Carrier & Bryant Service Tech Apps we will be decommissioning the following apps on 12/7/16. Please be sure to download and install the new apps at your soonest convenience as to not miss out!

  • Carrier/Bryant Technical Literature app
  • Carrier/Bryant eInfo app
  • Carrier/Bryant Ductless & VRF app

Both apps can now be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Energy Savings with Carrier Cor


You are already familiar with the Cor’s easy to use and sleek smartphone like touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and home comfort technology, which eloquently defines expertise, efficiency, and simplicity. But did you know that homeowners using the Cor saved an average of 29% on their heating and cooling energy costs? Features like smart setback let the thermostat intelligently adapt beyond manual programming for greater efficiency. This allows for the Cor to learn the behavior of both the homeowner and the home keeping your customers as comfortable as possible. 

Carrier Cor Video

Continue reading “Energy Savings with Carrier Cor”

Stand Out From the Crowd with the Carrier Vision Pro App

Ever had a homeowner say: ‘I like the idea of ductless technology but not sure about that thing on my wall?’ Looking for a tool to enhance your ductless sales technique and stand out from the crowd? With the Carrier Vision Pro app, you can do that and much more. 

Utilizing bleeding-edge technology, this augmented reality app for the iPad gives you the opportunity to “show” a customer, either as a picture or short video, what a ductless system would look like in their home – high on the wall, low on the wall with a floor console unit, outside the house and much more. 3D models of the Carrier Ductless & VRF lineup including both indoor and outdoor units are available to give you the ability to pick the right system for your customer based on their needs and application. Multiple rooms and outdoor units can be grouped as a complete project to make it easy for your customer to reference when reviewing your proposal. The Carrier Vision Pro, a product visualization tool, not only enhances the ductless sales process but also your business.

This app is available for dealers who are part of the Come Home to Carrier incentive program. To learn more about the Carrier Vision Pro app visit the Come Home to Carrier HVACpartners page.

If you have any questions please Email Carrier Expert Central or call 1-800-946-2930.

NEC Wins 2014 Day & Night Distributor of the Year Award

Congratulations to National Excelsior Company for winning the International Comfort Product’s award for Day & Night Distributor of the Year. The award was based on 2014 performance in the following segments:

  • Growth since 2013
  • New business acquisition

Congratulations again to NEC for leading the nation in new business throughout 2014!

The Next Generation of Carrier/Bryant Thermostats

The Carrier Côr and Bryant Housewise thermostats represent the latest in home comfort technology –  expertise, efficiency and simplicity. With these stats your customers will stay more connected to their home comfort systems, and you will stay more connected to your customers.  The stats are intuitive and easy to use with a sleek, smartphone like touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity. Now available from TEC.

Carrier Cor Video

Bryant Housewise Video


  • With more than a century of innovation and industry experience in home comfort, the experts at Carrier and Bryant have engineered a smart thermostat that truly lives up to the name.


  • Homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs*
  • Côr/Housewise thermostats offer unprecedented access to home energy use data from the date of installation. Energy reports detail efficiency and system run time, along with potential performance factors including weather and changes in schedule. These reports not only help homeowners understand how their system performs over time, but also offer tips to save more.


  • A sleek touchscreen with smartphone-like interface offers easy control at home, while a user-friendly mobile app allows your customers to access the thermostat from virtually anywhere.
  • Wire detection and guided setup will lead dealers through the installation process, making it simple to quickly and correctly configure the thermostat.

Compatible With

  • Heating: Up to two stages
  • Cooling: Up to two stages
  • Heat Pumps: One or two stages + one- or two-stage auxiliary heat
  • Gas, Oil, Electric
  • Hybrid Heat® Dual Fuel System Capable
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Accessories: Dehumidifier, Humidifier or Ventilation Device

Carrier and Bryant products recognized by Consumers Digest

Carrier and Bryant products were recently named a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest®. The following products were recognized as exceptional values:


  • Infinity® 19 heat pump
  • Infinity® 16 heat pump
  • Infinity® with Greenspeed™ heat pump
  • Performance™ Boost 80 gas furnace


  • Preferred™ Series Plus 80X gas furnace
  • Evolution 289B
  • Evolution 286B
  • Evolution Extreme Heat Pump

Additionally Carrier and Bryant furnace products earned their distinction due to their performance and consumer warranty features. The article states that “No other midrange series can match this series’ reliability and quiet operation”.

The Best Buy designation is awarded to fewer than three percent of competing models in any given product category. At TEC, we are extremely proud to be distributors of these distinguished Carrier and Bryant products.

Carrier and Bryant literature will soon be updated to reflect this accomplishment and enhance the ability to market these products as “Best Buy” recipients.

TEC & NEC Residential Territory Managers Receive BPI Certificate of Knowledge of Building Science Principles

All Residential Territory Managers at Temperature Equipment Corporation and National Excelsior Company, in all states, now hold the BPI Certificate of Knowledge of Building Science Principles. This means that our staff now has the expert knowledge of how building science interacts with the overall performance of a customer’s home. This program has provided Territory Managers with expertise on understanding the relationships between the following key systems within a home:

  • Building envelope
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Other systems

Territory Managers at both TEC and NEC possess the fundamental knowledge and understanding of how these systems affect the comfort, health, and safety of your customers, as well as the durability and energy efficiency of the home itself.

Geothermal HVAC Systems & their Benefits

Carrier and Bryant recently launched new geothermal product lines. Geothermal HVAC systems have been used for over 60 years in the US and other Western countries, and their use is growing exponentially. While geothermal systems are more expensive to install than ordinary systems, they offer two key advantages. First, they offer significant long-term cost savings. The US Department of Energy has found that they can save the average home hundreds of dollars in utility costs while the system pays for itself in 8 to 12 years. Second, a geothermal HVAC system can be designed to handle multiple needs simultaneously. For example, this kind of system can work to heat water, a pool, and a house all at the same time.   Continue reading “Geothermal HVAC Systems & their Benefits”

Commercial HVAC Financing

Ever bid a job to a building owner, and been told the price is too high? TEC is pleased to introduce commercial financing through Horizon Keystone Financial to help make your commercial jobs more affordable. This service is designed for commercial projects, with the ability to finance jobs up to $150,000 without financials, and provides tremendous flexibility to offer on every job. You can finance your labor, cranes, materials as well as many other items. Eliminate financial objections and give owners options. Continue reading “Commercial HVAC Financing”