McHenry High School has PoolPak Dehumidifier Built on Site

How do you get a 24’x8’x6’ PoolPak SWHP190SR dehumidification unit through a 6’ wide door?


Hugh Flack was brought on as Facility Director at the school in 2017 and when he found that the existing PoolPak unit was due for replacement he contacted TEC. Jay DeStefano, Territory Manager and John Peloza, Product Manager met with the school and its Engineer, Wold Architects & Engineers, to help with the project. TEC was able to replicate the original unit with improvements such as variable frequency drives and premium efficiency fan motors. Wold also improved air distribution and quality with new duct work.

A problem arose when they were trying to figure out how they were going to get this huge piece of equipment through a 6′ wide door. The answer was piece by piece using PoolPak’s Build on Site program. PoolPak is unique with this offering. The unit was built at the factory and packed onto skids. A factory crew of four builders was sent to the job site to assemble the unit in four days. This crew was followed up by a factory startup technician and a TEC factory trained technician. The project timeline was tight, as most school summer projects tend to be. The general contractor, Irving Construction Company and the mechanical contractor C. Acitelli Heating & Piping Contractors worked together to get the pool back in operation on time.

TEC is the representative for PoolPak in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Please contact your Territory Manager for more information.


Carrier Duct Free Split Product Advancement

Carrier continues to improve its duct free split product and accessories.

This summer season stay tuned as new control options for Carrier MA*R Performance Level equipment become available. For single zone systems, the 24v Interface Kit will allow the use of any 5 wire thermostat, such as a COR thermostat with WIFI capability.

For both single zone and multi zone systems Carrier has introduced the Sensibo direct WIFI for smart phones. Sensibo allows you to control MA*R single zone and MGR multi zone systems. It mounts inside the indoor units and connects with a simple wire harness.

Duct free split systems are perfect for year round use with heating performance as low as -22˚ and cooling performance is among the most efficient available.

Contact your TEC representative or Territory Manager for more information. We have ample inventory to serve all of your needs this cooling season.

Toshiba Carrier Introduces e Series VRF

Toshiba Carrier has revamped its entire VRF heat pump and heat recovery product line. The new e Series heat pump and heat recovery single modules come in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 tons. These can be combined to create systems up to 38 tons with up to 64 indoor units. Carrier uses all inverter driven twin rotary compressors for high performance, reliability and efficiency.

The complete indoor unit lineup features 11 styles up to 8 tons. A new High Heating feature of the heat pumps produces up to 65% heating capacity at -10˚F and documented heat ratings to -13˚F.

Toshiba Carrier now has Multiport Flow Selector Boxes for Heat Recovery systems. This brings even more flexibility to piping its VRF systems. These can be used exclusively on VRF systems or in combinations with the single Flow Selector Units.


Key Features & Benefits

  • New! Up to 38 ton systems in both heat pump and heat recovery.
  • Single heat pump/recovery modules now in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 tons.
  • Both 208/3 and 460/3 voltages.
  • Connect up to 64 indoor units to a triple module heat pump. Connected capacity up to 150%.
  • All inverter driven twin rotary compressors.
  • A full lineup of indoor units all in 208/1
  • New! Multiport Flow Selector Boxes for Heat Recovery!
  • I-VU compatible

A rollout of the Toshiba Carrier e Series is scheduled for this fall. Contact your TEC Territory Manager for more information.

Ice Air Hydronic Hybrid Water-Cooled Air Conditioners

Ice Air manufactures a complete line of high rise vertical stackers in 2 and 4 pipe, heat pump, and hybrid AC/hydronic configurations. Ice Air’s innovative Hydronic Hybrid Water-Cooled air conditioners combine high efficiency cooling with an advanced hot water coil to provide hydronic heat without using the unit’s compressor. The high capacity heating coil operates at low Entering Water Temperatures between 105˚ to 125˚ F. When coupled with high efficiency condensing boilers, the units provide the most cost effective and efficient method of space heating for multi-family buildings, lodging, dormitories and similar properties.

TEC has a high rise stacker display unit available for viewing at our training facility. We can also bring the stacker and other Ice Air display units to your office for viewing on the HVAC Solutions truck. Visit the Ice Air website to view the complete product line. Please contact your TEC sales representative for more information and design assistance.


EnviroSep builds modular chiller, boiler, and pump packages for the commercial and industrial markets. They use high quality equipment and components to create HVAC and process plant solutions that the contractor can then pipe, power, control and start up on site. This reduces costs and risks for the engineer, contractor and owner alike. The plants can be mounted indoors or outdoors, with or without enclosures.

EnviroSep has also introduced the Edge, a software App that allows engineers to create designs, submittals, drawings and all supporting documentation in minutes. The Edge has been available for pump packages for over a year. It will soon be available for boiler and chiller packages. Users of this app will be able to design modular dedicated chiller plants, modular boiler plants and central utility plants to their own specifications.

TEC has invited EnviroSep to Chicago the week of April 20th to demonstrate the Edge to engineers. To schedule a visit please contact your TEC territory manager.

To learn more about EnviroSep, click here.

Ice Air Water Source Heat Pumps

Ice Air, manufacturer of a complete line of air handlers and unitary heat pumps was in Chicago during AHR week displaying its new Hybrid water source heat pumps. This technology adds hot water heating to a water source heat pump high rise vertical stackable unit.

Also on display was the Cloud ConditioningTM, a split water source heat pump. The Cloud ConditioningTM allows you to install the compact compressor section in a mechanical closet and run refrigerant piping to the remote air handler. The SPAC/HP, a single package air conditioner and heat pump, features a ductable condenser section. These products are ideal for residential, commercial, hotel/motel and institutional properties.

Please visit the Ice Air website to view the complete product line.

Please contact your TEC sales representative for more information and design assistance.