TEC and Renewaire Collaborate on Training and Factory Visit


On September 24th, TEC hosted 11 customers at the new Renewaire LEED Gold factory in Waunakee, WI for a day of learning about ventilation and the effects it has in every environment. The event kicked off the evening before downtown Madison with a sushi dinner and ended with a fantastic view of the Capitol building.

The next morning Renewaire’s V.P. of Sales and Marketing/Member of ASHRAE 62.1 committee Nick Agopian, started the day off with some frightening statistics about why ventilation is not only necessary, but essential in the health, productivity, and retention of employees. Studies have shown that doubling the suggested rate of outside air from 20 CFM/p.p. to 40 on average only caused a $32/p.p. /yr. rise in operating costs. While raising their productivity 10%, for an average monetary improvement of $6,500/p.p.

While most of us spend 90% indoors, which does not account for the time spent in our vehicles, investing in increased ventilation is worth every penny. Further studies have shown that a payback of less than 2 years is possible along with an internal rate of return (IRR) of 70%. These are the statistics the CFO will want to hear to make the use of ERVs and higher ventilation rates a no brainer.

The day’s agenda was packed and included sessions about ERV fundamentals, codes and standards, application and installation issues, competitive technologies, controls and new products. During the factory tour, we learned how lean manufacturing and cellular assembly stations worked. This allows Renewaire to have the lowest lead times in the industry with very little inventory.

The V.P. of Engineering Neil Werner made sure to explain that in order to achieve their LEED Gold status they had to implement all of the ideas they speak of. The factory uses about $11/hour to run the plant and office. Using energy recovery in all areas helps, but natural lighting is everywhere. There are special parking spots for hybrid and electric vehicles. The office spaces smelled and felt cleaner and more enjoyable.

There was even a guest speaker who demonstrated that most engineers were calculating their DOAS loads incorrectly.

All attendees received 5.75 hours of PDH credit and felt that their time was well spent given the knowledge they gained will go a long way to help designing and specifying ERV in the future. We encourage you to ask your TEC salesperson when the next event will be held so you too can have a day of learning.

TEC & Schwank Go Golfing

During the freezing winter days that gripped the Midwest earlier this year Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook, IL was having issues heating the sitting area behind the hitting zone where patrons gathered with refreshments.

The Mistwood Golf Dome is held up by two large make up air units (direct fired gas heat) and the first floor was heated with in-floor hydronic radiant heating systems. However, it was still getting cold in both this area and the second level of the hitting areas.

They came to Greg Tomsick of TEC (a Bolingbrook resident) for a solution. He recommended 13 Schwank Electric Infrared Heaters since the ceiling was too low for tubular infrared system and a hydronic heating system that was already in place couldn’t keep up with the demanding cold weather.

Schwank Electric Infrared Heater Installed at the Mistwood Golf Dome

Greg worked with MDC Mechanical based out of Sugar Grove, IL to do the installation, and both agreed that the Schwank Electric Infrared Heaters were the perfect product for this type of application.

Since completing the installation, Mistwood Golf Dome has been one satisfied customer, all while enjoying a comfortable 72 degrees in their seating area!

Schwank Electric Infrared Heaters Installed at the Mistwood Golf Dome Lounge Area

TEC and RenewAire Team Factory Visit

Last month RenewAire hosted TEC customers and employees at their new LEED Gold office and manufacturing facility in Waunakee, WI. Participants were awarded PDH hours during this visit and helpful knowledge to pass on.

It was a two day event that started with a tour and tasting at the Ale Asylum Brewery in Madison, where everyone was delighted with the brew master’s concoctions and a host of tasty hors d’oeuvres. As a special treat everyone was shown the refrigeration side of the brewing process, which was to the delight of the HVAC team!

The next day started bright and early with RenewAire’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Nick Agopian giving a brief history of the company, and how they are represented in the world of IAQ. He stressed the importance of better air quality for the health and well-being of the world population. Up next was Product Manager Nishant Kanapilly; his main focus throughout the first part of his presentation was Federal and State codes and standards, and how they are encouraging everyone to go beyond the requirements for better IAQ. In the second part of the presentation he touched on the importance of zero air cross leakage and how the Energy Recovery Ventilator can affect payback.

This was the perfect time for Technical Support Manager, Dave Baldus to discuss how to utilize RenewAire. He spoke about installation faux pas and maximizing performance. For the participants to fully grasp RenewAire’s products and their performance, a factory tour showcasing the new production facility and LEED Gold HVAC plant took place. One of the highlights was a viewing of their new Dedicated Outdoor Air System that combines an ERV, heating and cooling in one system.

The day finished with Nishant and Nick giving a demonstration of their new CORES software selection tool that distributors, engineers and contractors have at their disposal.

All who attended this visit found it to be an informative and worthwhile day. Participants expressed that their visit will generate new ideas and sales. Future visits will be available.

For more information on RenewAire follow the link.


TEC Partners with Schwank Group

TEC is pleased to announce our partnership with Schwank Group. Schwank is based in Germany and has USA headquarters in Waynesboro, GA. Founded in 1933, Schwank invented infrared radiant heating and is the largest producer of infrared products in the world.

Schwank has a large selection of products that can meet the needs of the infrared community, such as:

  • High intensity heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Air curtains
  • Patio Heater
  • Electric heaters

TEC also has exclusive rights to Schwank’s applied products which include ultra-high efficiency high intensity heaters, high efficiency tubular heaters, commercial air curtains and ThermoControl Plus which allows control of the units from the building BMS system.

For more information visit www.schwankgroup.com, or contact your TEC sales representative.

TEC & Magic Aire Exhibit at 2016 IASB Trade Show

On November 18th & 19th, TEC and Magic Aire hosted a booth at the Illinois Association of School Administrators & Illinois Association of School Boards 2016 Joint Annual Conference Exhibition. The booth exhibit featured the unique self-contained unit ventilator which incorporates packaged cooling and heating into a single unit, thus eliminating the added cost and maintenance for adding a remote condenser for cooling.

The unit has the highest part-load efficiency ratings in the industry due to a true variable speed compressor, as opposed to a 2-stage compressor like that of competitors. The sound is also a full 7 dB lower than older Magic Aire units. Models range from 2 to 5 tons and can include water, steam, electric heat or hot gas reheat. Models for 2017 include air and water source heat pumps.

School board members, facilities managers and engineers visited our booth and had the opportunity to appreciate this quiet and efficient unit. 


Carel’s Latest Addition to the Electric Resistive Humidifier Lineup

The new heaterSteam range employs the features of the latest generation of Carel’s electronic controllers and uses Titanium heaters, thus representing a continuity solution in the development of heater humidifiers.

heaterSteam is the ideal solution for applications needing superior performance for controlling air humidity very accurately (±l%RH), mission critical service continuity using all types of feed water and ensuring connectivity tools able to anticipate remote management requirements.







The heating elements are made in titanium, designed to work with extreme aggressive water such as demineralized/deionized water with conductivity below 1 IJS/cm and softened water of up to 0° fH.

The reliability of the titanium in combination with the overheating protection (heaterSteam is the only humidifier on the market with heaters featuring temperature sensors) makes Carel solution ideal for applications where service continuity is essential such clean rooms, hospitals and museums.

In particular, it can work with treated water of any quality, including ultra-pure demineralized water, since titanium heating elements are not at risk of corrosion. This type of water, purified to an extreme, is used frequently in the pharmaceutical field and, due to its organoleptic characteristics, can be aggressive towards the materials normally used inside humidifiers.

The over temperature protection (unique to the market) and patented Anti-Foaming System are a further guarantee of the application’s reliability, whereas the modulating limit sensor prevents condensation from forming without compromising the accuracy of the system.


heaterSteam titanium is the solution to relative air humidity control accuracy requirements. By using demineralized water Carel’s heater humidifier can meet humidity requirements with ±1% accuracy.

The production capacity modulation range from 0 to 100% in combination with the possibility of pre-heating the water inside the boiler means that heaterSteam is ready to respond to humidity requirements.


Another element that sets heaterSteam apart from the competitors is undoubtedly the state-of-the-art electronic controller. The Modbus and Bacnet communication protocols are available as standard on both the BMS serial output and Ethernet. The Carel communication protocol is available only through the BMS output. No additional electronic boards are therefore required.

The Ethernet connection can also be used to access the integrated web server on the local network. It is therefore possible to configure and monitor the units directly from a PC using a standard web browser.

heaterSteam is also tERA ready. Enabling the service via Ethernet connection permits remote monitoring and interaction with the unit.


heaterSteam process is the ideal solution for applications where reliability and flexible operation need to be combined with feed water characteristics that are not always controlled.


Thanks to the Master/Slave “Endurance” function, the capacity of the humidifiers installed can be expanded without complicating the system. The “Endurance “function allows heaterSteam to control up to 19 further units via Ethernet.


The electronic controller exploits the mechanical characteristics of the heaters to perform thermal shock cycles in complete safety in order to remove any lime scale deposits from the heating elements. This results in longer routine maintenance intervals and greater cleanliness of the unit.


For installations where it is not possible to use standard wired sensors, when modifying existing installations for example, wireless sensors can be used. The connection is made via Carel Access Point using a maximum of 4 wireless sensors. The installation type is indicated in the figure below (in the case of 4 wireless room sensors)

For more information visit http://humidifynow.com/ and contact your TEC representative.


Horizon Keystone Financing for Commercial Applications

What do you need to sell a job during the competitive summer months? It’s not always low price as you might imagine. How about a way for your customers to afford to get the best for their jobs and for you to make a sale? Try Horizon Keystone Commercial Financing (HKCF). 

Horizon Keystone Commercial Financing (HKCF) makes commercial application financing easy. Unlike residential financing, there is absolutely no cost to you! They will do the legwork for you, on all jobs from $10,000 to $500,000. Check out their simple online calculator at www.HVACfinancing.com or download the Horizon Keystone Calculator phone app on any Apple or Android device to start helping your customers make their jobs more affordable today!

Horizon Keystone is a great resource for all of your pressing jobs this summer. One of our contractors sold a swim club in the suburbs. The owner paid a lot of money for the building, pools, etc. and he did not have enough for the PoolPak units to heat and cool the pool area. Our Territory Manager suggested financing and he called HKCF. They took it from there. The job sold for over $200,000.

Call your TEC representative, or contact Dave Taylor at david.taylor@tecmungo.com for more details.

TEC & Carel Announce Engineering Portal

TEC and Carel have announced that Carel’s website www.humidifynow.com now features an engineering portal for you to design, select and obtain literature and submittals for all of your jobs that require humidification.

This portal can also print submittals and IOM manuals at the touch of a button. And it also has specifications for use when using Carel as a basis of design.

To access, simply navigate to www.humidifynow.com and log in. Then click on Create a Consulting Engineering Account to begin using the portal.

Revit Modeling On Www.Humidifynow.Com

Carel Group, has also recently announced the release of BIM/REVIT Models now available on www.humidifynow.com. You can now access, download and use, as a basis of design in your drawings, graphics of units that are realistic and accurate.

Along with specifications (Word format) and performance data (Excel format) this additional feature makes it simple for you to use Carel as a basis of design on your jobs.

TEC’s sales staff is available to visit your organization to conduct a Lunch & Learn session, sign you and your team up, and demonstrate the use of the portal.

Call your TM and get signed up today!

Carel Expands humiSonic Line

TEC is proud to introduce an expanded version of a product that is getting rave reviews. The Carel humiSonic line has expanded to 8 lbs/hr. The humiSonic humidifier uses small piezoelectric discs that vibrate at a high frequency to create a mist. The power requirements are less than 10% of a normal steam humidifier and will last 10,000 hours!

The new humiSonics can be installed in ducts or the space itself. It is perfect for mission critical applications like data centers, operating rooms, clean rooms, libraries and museums. It can be run on a master/slave configuration with up to three salve units.


Contact your TEC representative for more information.

Weather Rite Recognizes TEC’s HVAC Solutions Group

Recently Weather Rite Corporation acknowledged HVAC Solutions and Temperature Equipment Corporation (TEC) as one of their top achievers for 2015.

The award was presented to David Weiss (center), General Manager of HVAC Solutions and David Taylor (left), Product Manager for Weather Rite by Doug Halterman (right), National Sales Manager for Weather Rite.

In presenting the award, Doug Halterman noted that TEC’s sales force has worked diligently to make Weather Rite’s product top of mind in their customers’ applications. Doug stated that 2016 is already starting out to be another record year.

Weather Rite manufactures direct and indirect fired make-up air units as well as air turnover units. Their direct fired TT rugged industrial-type construction makes them the preferred choice for units that face continuous duty under extreme circumstances. Their air turnover units are the preeminent choice for heating and cooling large areas such as warehouses, factories and distribution centers.

Weather Rite’s indirect fired units can handle up to 57,000 CFM, while their direct fired units can handle 85,000 CFM. Their air turnover units can handle 100,000. All units can be customized for heating only or heating & cooling with a variety of other options. Weather Rite also manufactures custom units up to 100,000 CFM.

For more information and selections, contact your Territory Manager.